Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wikipedia Brutal Warrior of the Week: AKMask

This week we have a brutal but also a very sly, smooth warrior, AKMask, who generally signs off as just "M" (shady indeed). Potential sockpuppets include UsaSatsui, Phoenix-wiki, Doug, Scott5114. He seems perfectly reasonable if you're just skimming his contributions. But it's concerning all his activity on the Administrator's noticeboard. Also note how easily he accuses others of being uncivil. Everyone else has "civility issues." Not him. When it comes to deletion debates, he prefers to let his socks do the talking, but he has voted in a few debates where his desired outcome was hardly in doubt, just to throw off suspicion. Also, anyone who is proud to have a photo of himself with Jimbo Wales is probably up to no good.


  1. Are you sure I'm a sockpuppet of this person? Because if this pain in my ass is someone's hand, I'd like to know about it.

    Seriously, how do you come to this conclusion?

  2. its a big 'M' and a small, superscript 'ASK?'. It spells Mask, not M. Also, lawl.