Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warrior of the week: Cprompt

What is a C prompt anyway? Those of you old enough to remember MS-DOS might remember those black and green computer screens with the mysterious "C:\Windows>" prompt at which one had to type strange short commands. That's what the Wikipedia user Cprompt named himself after.

Now, unlike most warriors, Cprompt has a list of articles he'd "like to showcase." But what is so suspicious about Cprompt is the fact that having been made a "bureaucrat" (an insult in the real world, but quite a badge of honor on Wikipedia), he has never taken advantage of his bureaucrat privileges. This almost certainly means that he has at least one sockpuppet which also has bureaucrat rights, and is intending to keep Cprompt unsullied by any controversy. Quite the sneaky warrior this one.

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