Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Applying Wikipedia's rules to Yahoo! Answers

One of the great unwritten rules of Wikipedia is that you don't criticize Wikipedia on Wikipedia. Sure, there is an article called "criticism of Wikipedia," but outside of that article, you're not allowed to criticize Wikipedia in any way. Doing so on your user page is one of the surest ways to get your user page deleted.

Recently, Eddie on Yahoo! Answers asked "Why do some Wikipedia admins insist that the rules of Wikipedia be applied all throughout the Internet?" GrimJack, a notorious Wikipedia apologist on Answers, answered the question with another question: "Do you have any specific examples of this?"

Well, I have a specific example for you: Nihiltres and Coffee seem to think that since Gregory Kohs was banned from Wikipedia, that means he also needs to be banned from Yahoo! Answers. The bastards have gotten him kicked off as both "MyWikiBiz" and "Try MyWikiBiz," the latter within days of the account being signed up. Supposedly Gregory Kohs uses multiple accounts on Answers, but no doubt the hypocritical Nihiltres and Coffee do so too, and on Wikipedia as well (in fact, they might be the same person).

Much more importantly, Gregory Kohs violated the unwritten rule of Wikipedia: You shouldn't criticize Wikipedia, which Nihiltres and Coffee and their various apologist sockpuppets on Answers wish to have extended to Yahoo! Answers. The reason this is important is that so many people turn to Answers to ask whether Wikipedia is reliable or not. There needs to be someone there to tell them that no, Wikipedia is not one bit reliable, and point them to the websites that tell the truth about Wikipedia, like Wikitruth (obviously), Wikipedia Review, Wikipedia Watch, MyWikiBiz, this blog, and even respectable newspapers of record like the New York Times and USA Today.


  1. Don't worry... two blocked accounts simply means a third is needed:

    And, I will state for the record -- I am not using multiple sockpuppets on Yahoo! Answers, and I have not for at least 6 or 7 months.

  2. Your honesty is refreshing. Even more so when compared to Nihiltres, who is almost certainly still using his Nihilsocks on both Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers.

  3. I don't use sockpuppets on either site. Neither do I think that Wikipedia's rules need to be extended to Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! has its own rules, and those rules are only enforced—can only be enforced—by Yahoo! staff as reported by end-users. Reporting an answer doesn't make it automatically disappear. Greg was banned (three times now, at least?) by Yahoo! staff, not by me, or anyone else. They have their own rules, the "community guidelines", and Greg broke them by repeatedly spamming MyWikiBiz. Again, Yahoo!'s judgement, not mine. The primary reason I participate on Yahoo! Answers is to provide information about Wikipedia. Sure, I'm biased towards Wikipedia. But the information I provide is generally accurate and I don't need to troll, or sockpuppet, or all that other nonsense to win points.

    The sad part is that there are some people out there making it into a little wargame, and they're missing the point. Whether it's the obvious sockpuppets or the subtle ones, it's just become a game of trolling and counter-trolling, and I'm slowly losing my interest in participating there. I don't know exactly who's doing it, but it's become nearly as pathetic as Wikipedia Review. You'd think that these people, who are supposedly reasonable adults, would be less attention-seeking.

    If you're going to make wild accusations like that Coffee and I might be the same person, please at least have something to back them up. Plenty of Wikipedians have passed through from time to time, including J.delanoy, Jredmond, Fred Bauder, Coffee, me, whoever that girl with the symbols in her name is, et cetera. I don't know who was immature enough to fall into the game you're playing, but I'm not interested.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Nihilistic man.