Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dastardly warrior of the week: Davidcannon

Have you ever thought of hiring a halfway good looking Asian woman and a little kid to pose with you in a picture to put on social networking sites like Wikipedia, such as User:Davidcannon has done with his family? Okay, that's low and tacky of me, but that could have been prevented from happening in the first place by not putting pictures of them on social networking sites like Wikipedia.

The picture of the family is necessary to support the idea that Davidcannon has a very busy life. His list of contributions would seem to support that idea. In his latest 50 contributions, you can still see contributions from February 2009. But what of his many alternate accounts? You don't get to be a sysop on Wikipedia without engaging political cloak-and-dagger. Look in particular at all those who supported his Request for Adminship, and also quite a few of the ones who opposed it.

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