Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crybaby of the Week: Ten Thousand Argonauts

Wah! Wah! Yahoo! Answers Nihilsock Ten Thousand Argonauts is crying us a river. In response to a college professor desperately trying to get his students to stop using Wikipedia, the man thought he might get some hints on how to that. Instead, he gets accused by a sock of being a sock of someone who disagrees with that sock.

So, the most productive way is CLEARLY to create ever more dozens of sockpuppets on Yahoo! Answers to ask questions about how Wikipedia is evil, COMPLETELY 100% FACT-FREE, and going to hypnotize you before it slurps up your brain through a straw. Oh, and be sure to always give another one of your accounts "Best Answer" so that they all dominate the "Top Answerers" list.

But wait, you're doing that already, aren't you?

This satire is too thinly concealed to be particularly DELICIOUS.

Yes, folks, this guys a BIG FAT PHONY. Take my advice before he uses all his other accounts to thumb this down into oblivion.
The Nihilsock's satire is also too thinly concealed. But it is delicious.

Wait a minute, though: it is the Nihilsocks who actually dominate the Top Answerers list in the Wikipedia category: Nihiltres with almost 400 last I checked, and Nihilsock Wikipedia Answers a distant second with almost 200. It's taken Eddie (a Wikipedia Review sock according to various Nihilsocks) years to reach third place now just short of 150. "Wikipedia Review socks" My Wiki Business, Bill and Moses are on the board but still well short of even a hundred.

And another thing: Wikipedia is not "completely 100% fact-free" nor do the "Wikipedia Review socks" claim that it is. Part of the reason Wikipedia is so dangerous is that it does get a few facts right, mixed in with lots of lies, and people just assume it's 100% correct.

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