Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Warrior of the Week: Xymmax

Xymmax latest victory occurred last month, and it pertained to the topic of contraception. He couldn't have achieved it without the help of his many sockpuppets, some of which include Phil Sandifer, Drawn Some, Llewdor, Colonel Warden, Bearian and Eusebeus. Eusebeus in particular stands out as a definite sockpuppet: he edits with such blind ignorance and stupidity that he's surely one of Xymmax's socks. Eusebeus has been blocked twice, each time for a few minutes, while Xymmax has been blocked only once. Quite suspiciously, the block lasted barely a minute.

Arrogantly signing as "Xymmax let it be written let it be done," he proudly points people to his main account's talk page and his contributions listing. But he hardly contributes anything. Most of his contributions involve page protection and deletion. He himself admits on his talk page: "I've gotten involved pretty deeply in AfD work." How noble. Please.

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