Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wikipedia Brutal Warrior of the Week: Charles Matthews

Charles Matthews was on ArbCom for a year and he was eager for a second year. Why? Most likely because he didn't have enough sockpuppets on ArbCom to maintain his authority. Probably now only half the members of ArbCom are Charles Matthews sockpuppets, which means that not even a simple majority is guaranteed for Charles' way of thinking. Still, ArbCom makes decisions suspiciously fast. The Supreme Court takes weeks and it's just nine people. Often a brutal warrior will say to an alleged vandal: "I'll talk it over with ArbCom." Seconds later: "ArbCom has decided you're permanently blocked." Of course Charles Matthews will have to start working on making new sockpuppets eligible to be elevated to ArbCom at the next election cycle, because his current socks won't be able to 'serve' again. Does that sound like a lot of work to devote to an online encyclopedia that pays nothing in money or prestige? You bet it does. But as the author of How Wikipedia Works, Charles Matthews has shown an intense dedication to Wikipedia. He has amassed great power and will stop at nothing to become even more powerful. However, his veneer of goodness is quite thick, I must admit.

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