Thursday, October 8, 2009

Better sources of information than Wikipedia? Try the library!

Supposedly Wikipedia is dedicated to the ideal that "information should be free." Now, we know that that really isn't Wikipedia's purpose, but I'll expound on that in other posts.

Even if Wikipedia really was dedicated to that stated ideal, the fact is that information just isn't free. You always have to pay something for information, and it's not always necessarily money. In the cases that you do pay money, it might not be money that you pay directly to the information provider (as would be the case if you have a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica's website).

You pay money to your local public library in the form of taxes. It's time that you started taking advantage of it. Any general knowledge question you might have can be answered by a trip to your local public library. To not use your library would be like shelling out money for information and then not using the information you're given.

Besides, consider what is the true price of using information from Wikipedia: your credibility. If you have credibility, that's too valuable a thing to pay just for the illusion of convenience Wikipedia provides.

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