Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brutal wikiwarrior of the week: Gwen Gale

An excellent example of Wikipedia's hostility of experts is exemplified by the way Arthur Rubin was treated in 2008. The renowned mathematician was blocked eight times in about as many months. Two admins blocked him twice, one of those being Gwen Gale. You look at Gwen Gale's user page, and, surprise, surprise, it's protected! Who protected it? The last one was Gwen Gale himself. (I seriously doubt Gwen Gale is female, but I could be wrong). The blog "Gwen Gale Revealed" identifies her as female; regardless I must agree with that blogger's characterization of Gwen Gale as one of the worst administrators. Gwen Gale is also a notorious sockpuppeteer, surely, and I surely wouldn't be surprised if Gwen Gale reported as sockpuppets users who actually only use one account. Also, any Wikipedia users who displays as many barnstars (Wikipedia's idiotic equivalent to military medals) as Gwen Gale does must have surely earned them through diligent wikiwarring. Which makes it all the more ironic that Arthur Rubin was once blocked by Gwen Gale for edit warring.

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