Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brutal Warrior of the Month: Savidan

This month's brutal warrior is Savidan. I had thought about Casliber, but there is almost something debonair to the way he conducts his wikiwar atrocities, something sportsmanlike. The brutal warrior of the year should be so evil, so rabid, so foaming at the mouth, that he wouldn't even think of doing anything that would even theoretically upset the status quo. So Casliber, with his poll on the civility policy, which has the potential to make the sport of wikiwarring a little more challenging (though it also has the potential to leave things exactly as they are), shouldn't advance to the warrior of the month level. Savidan fits that bill a lot better. Mysterious and brutal, he's a perfect candidate for warrior of the year. So for now he's warrior of the month.

To all the people suggesting Eusebeus as a warrior of the week: I'm not going to name sockpuppets as warriors. Get me some convincing evidence as to who the Eusebean sockmaster might be, and I'll consider naming that sockmaster a brutal warrior of the week in the future.

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