Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warrior of the week: Casliber

Some warriors have clean block logs. Like Casliber. His socks do the dirty work. But apparently the great warrior has gotten somewhat bored with the current state of things. The Wikipedia policy on civility (WP:CIVIL) makes it way too easy for Wikipedia warriors to deal with their enemies. So he started a poll on the civility policy, asking whether the current policy is satisfactory or not, whether or not it is too strict or too lenient, whether or not it's harsh on new users, etc. Maybe the poll will succeed in making the civility policy less of a tool for Wikipedia's most brutal, most vicious warriors to commit their most vicious atrocities. In that case, being a Wikipedia warrior would become more interesting, as they woud have to operate with greater sophistication... and sophistry. Or it could just wind up keeping things as they are. Either way, Wikipedia's most atrocious warriors win.

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