Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brutal Warrior of the Week: Teapotgeorge

This week's brutal warrior of the week, Teapotgeorge, could perhaps be nicknamed "the Butcher of Speedy Deletion." Always patrolling recent changes, Teapotgeorge is ready and standing by to nominate for speedy deletion any new articles created by new users. He often gets his way. But it should give everyone pause noticing how many articles he nominates for swift, thoughtless deletion are rescued by other users.

Just in the past week, the articles for the Montclair Historical Society of New Jersey, Detroit councilwoman Sheila Cockrel, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in India, the computer program BrowseControl, the computer company Eazybusiness, and businessman Stefan Andriopoulos have all been nominated for speedy deletion by Teapotgeorge and they have all been rescued from such unthinking obliteration by other uses.

Additionally, the articles on the book Justice for All: Mental Illness and the Law, and the Morgan Stanley Matrix, have been referred to "proposed deletion" (a little slower than speedy deletion but still not requiring community 'debate' like "articles for deletion") because other users feel uncomfortable just rushing in to delete those articles without giving anyone else a chance to respond.

This is just a tiny sampling of all the articles Teapotgeorge has nominated for speedy deletion. Was there any merit whatsoever to the articles on Merlin Blencowe, the Coricidin Kid, the Clear Code Method, Penneyspeak, Soula Withycombe, Sales Partner Software, photographer Jimmy Forsyth, Vishalexercise? (These are just from the past 24 hours) We will never know, because those requests were all granted. It's between Teapotgeorge, the granting admin, and God now. No one else can do anything.

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